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Everyone faces challenges and causes problems in life. Mostly, we are lost sometimes as no clear solutions are seen at the right time. HOWEVER, the good news is that anyone can Reprogram his/her Mind from Chaos to Coherence and remodel oneself as a whole! Recollect, the Mind Heals The Body. It’s wholly the MINDSET. Here comes my skills. My name is Zulfiqar Ali (MBA, CAh, CNLPMp, CMBSc, and B. MSc) and I am a Certified Holistic Counselor, NLP, and Business Success Coach. My Affiliation / Membership is with the PAMA, IMM the US, AAOH, US, The American Union of NLP, and AIAH the US.

My qualifications and experience over one decade have given me the strength to counsel, heal, and improve even the most critical cases. Indeed, helps if one on medications for such ailments or not, I assure you my counseling and healing transform one life what he/she desires.

In my counseling/healing sessions, with people from different walks of life, covering different areas. Take 100% responsibility of, life no more Excuses, Blaming, and Complaining.

· Old Age Issues: Transgender: Women Empowerment: Workplace Gender Issues, Child Abuse, Special Children, Dar UL Aman: Workplace Harassment: Gender-Based Violence, Drug Addicts.

· Relationship Counseling: Divorce, Marriage Counseling, Manage Emotions Anger issues, anxiety, grief, unsupported, overwhelmed, worthless, helpless, and conflicted.

· Sports Enhancement: Inner Desire To Succeed, Manage Stress Under Pressure.

· Pain Management: Sadness, Stress, Depression, Trauma: Bad memories, Insomnia.

· Sales and Marketing: Clear up your goals, objectives, and make a convincing future.

Expressing Gratitude toward You in Anticipation.

(As a brief introduction of all my sessions leading to the succeeding pages)How my counseling session works to clients as a whole person’s mind-body-spirit includes physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. (Just Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Change In All Areas of Life).
Study’s has been proved that we are programmed Genetically and Environmentally, Our established beliefs of behavior make things better or worse, and ‘Negative thoughts’ of stress, fear, worry, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, grudge, stubbornness, selfishness, sadness, hopelessness, and discouragement are prevalent in one or other way in our life and all that ultimately lead to illness.
As a Holistic Counselor, I accept challenges and several of my treated cases resulted in positive thoughts of love, faith, consideration, peaceful mind, respect, courage, understanding, loyalty, joy, power, plenty, and strength. This is made possible as human beings, we are blessed with the ability to rewire the patterns in us and to power up the mind, with the higher faculties’ Perception, Memory, Imagination, Reason, Intuition, and the Will. With my counseling/healing, sessions there will be no more limiting beliefs.
Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Of those thoughts, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts that we thought the day before and the day earlier than that. Why? Because those thoughts are coming from our software programming downloaded in our first 7 years on the subconscious mind.
Thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to actions, and lead to results. Beliefs then become automatic thoughts that drive behaviors. In other words, habits. The combination of genetic, physiological, psychological, lifestyle, and environmental factors which could cause diseases.
Repetition is the key to success and is critical for those who want to learn a new change. In truth, it is so important, after the counseling session the audio recording is given to the client to manifest.
As human beings, we are blessed with the capacity to correct the patterns in us, the application of positive thoughts flood the consciousness with faith, conditions are thought-made while changing the consideration, and we transform our conditions and accomplish any desire.
Transgender: Transgender individuals whose gender individuality is not the same as the gender they were believed to be during childbirth.
At the point when we’re born, a specialist, says that we’re male or female depending on what our bodies look like. Who was marked male during childbirth go out to recognize as men, and who was named female during childbirth grow up to be females. Yet, a few individual’s gender personalities, their inborn knowledge on what their identity is different, what was at first expected when they were born. A large portion of these individuals portrays themselves as transgender.
As analysis found that, gender identity and sexual direction is two distinct things. Sexual orientation character alludes to your inner knowledge of your sex, for instance, your awareness that you’re a man, a woman, or another sex. Sexual direction has to do with whom you’re attracted. Like non-transgender individuals, transgender individuals can have any sexual orientation. For instance, a transgender man (somebody who lives as a man today) might be principally attracted to other men (and recognize as a gay man), perhaps essentially pulled in to ladies (and distinguish as a straight man), or have some other sexual orientation. As females, the Lesbian is attracted to other females. As the Bisexual are attracted to people of both genders.
In the counseling consultations, it’s noticeable that Individuals in some cases befuddle being transgender and being intersex. Intersex individuals have conceptive life systems or genes that don’t fit run of the refine meanings of male or female, which is frequently found during childbirth. Being transgender, then, has to do with your inside knowledge of gender individuality. A transgender individual is generally brought into the world with a body and genes that coordinate an average male or female, yet they know their transgender individuality to appear as to be different.
Being sexual gender non-conforming shows not conforming to gender styles. For instance, somebody’s clothes, hairdo, speech patterns, or leisure activities may be viewed as more “ladylike” or “manly” than what’ essentially related to their gender.
It’s essential to recollect that while being transgender isn’t in itself an ailment, several transgender individuals need to manage physical and emotional wellness issues on a reason for far-reaching separation and disgrace. Numerous transgender individuals live in a general public that reveals to them that their profoundly held personality isn’t right or abnormal. Some transgender individuals have lost their families, their employments, their homes, and their help, and some experience hassle and even violence. Transgender children may encounter dismissal or even enthusiastic or physical maltreatment at home, at school, or in their networks. These sorts of encounters can be trying for anybody, and for certain individuals, it can prompt nervousness issues, anxiety, sadness, depression, and other psychological wellness conditions. Be that as it may, these conditions are not brought about by having a transgender personality: they’re a consequence of the narrow mindedness numerous transgender individuals need to manage. Numerous transgender individuals, particularly transgender individuals who are acknowledged and esteemed in their networks can live sound and satisfying lives.
Gender non-conforming individuals might be transgender. For instance, a few women who were raised and recognize as women present themselves in manners that may be viewed as manly, such as having short hair or wearing other gender dress act and like others to be not the same as her unique personality. It alludes to as completely work like the innocent method to young ladies who are gender non-conforming, which frequently implies they play rough and tough games, spend time with other gender contemporaries and dress in more masculine outfits.
Transgender individuals risk social disfavor, judgment, and harassment when they tell others who they truly are. Parents, Guardians, companions, coworkers, colleagues, and neighbors might be tolerating yet they likewise probably won’t be, and numerous transgender individuals fear that they won’t be acknowledged by their friends and family and others in their life.
A transgender woman lives as a woman today however was believed to be male when she was born. A transgender man lives as a man today however was believed to be female when he was conceived. Some transgender individuals recognize as neither male nor female, nor as a blend of male and female. There are a variety of terms that individuals who aren’t totally male or altogether female usable to portray their gender identity, as non-binary or genderqueer.
Everyone transgender or not has a gender identity. Many people never consider what their gender orientation identity is because it coordinates their gender during childbirth. The most ideal approach to comprehend what will transgender be like is to one-to-one with transgender individuals and tune in to their stories. How he/she programmed, what was the environment. Circumstances or different applications are considered from conception to now. It can be amended from a deeper level of the subconscious to replace it with the desired.
Old Age Issues: Aging accompanies numerous challenges. The loss of independence is one expected part of the process, as are decreased physical ability and age separation and including biological, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual changes.
As effectively observed, several more seasoned older adults remain profoundly independent. Others require more consideration. Since the older ordinarily no longer holds employments, finance can be a challenge. Also, because of social misinterpretations, more seasoned individuals can be focused on criticism and labels. Older people face numerous difficulties in later life, and a large portion of them don’t need to enter old age without pride.
The physical condition depends partly upon a hereditary structure, the manner of living, and environmental factors. Untreated wounds, sprains, broken glasses. Changes in living, faulty diet, malnutrition, infections, intoxications, inadequate rest, emotional stress, the physical condition relies on a genetic structure, the way of living, and environmental factors, lab discoveries of medication over dosage. Changes in living, broken eating routine, ailing health, irresistible, emotional stress, overwork, and environmental conditions like heat and cold are some of the common secondary causes of physical decline, and so on.
Emotional/psychological being annoyed or pulled back, irregular dementia-like conduct (shaking, pulling) Decrease in mental capacity makes them dependent. They no longer have trust in their ability or judgments yet, they need to fix their hold over the younger ones. Self-neglect untreated ailments, messy living area, and absence of clinical things like dentures or glasses. Disregard Helpless cleanliness, untreated bedsores, dehydration, and soiled bedding.
Older individuals endure social misfortunes enormously with age. Their community activity is limited by the loss of the work-related, demise of family members, companions, and life partners, and powerless wellbeing which confines their cooperation in social activities. The home turns into the focal point of their social activity which gets to keep to the social relationship with the family members. Because of the loss of the vast majority of the social roles they once performed, they are probably going to be lonely and separated serious chronic medical issues, empower them to turn out to be socially disconnected which brings about unhappiness, loneliness, and depression.
Monetary Issues. Unexpected changes in banking rehearse, the incorporation of extra names on bank cards, sudden changes to a will. Retirement from service generally brings about loss of salary and the benefits that the older get are normally lacking to meet the typical cost for basic items which is consistently on the rise. With the decreased salary, they are switched from the authority of “Boss provider to a simple dependent” however, they spend their opportune reserve on relationships such as children’s, gaining another property, training of kids and family, support. The finding and treatment of their illness made more budgetary issues for older age.
Gender-Based Violence: Gender-based violence is an occurrence deeply rooted in gender inequality, coordinated against an individual on account of their gender. Both women and men experience gender-based violence, but most of the victims are women and girls. Also, the word often used for GBV is interchangeable.
Gender-based violence is included as coming about in joining physical, it brings about wounds, trouble, and medical issues. Regular types of physical violence are beating, choking, pushing, removal of a few, or the entirety of the outer female genitalia. It abuses women’s bodies and often harms their sexuality, mental well-being, prosperity and in the community, and so forth.
Sexual, it incorporates, endeavors to acquire a sexual act, acts to traffic or acts in any case coordinated against an individual’s sexuality without the individual’s assent.
Verbal, the reason or impact of disregarding the respect of an individual.
Emotional, between intimate partners. These can be previous or current spouses additionally when they don’t have a similar living arrangement. Forced marriage alludes to marriage closed under power, either physical pressure to marry or emotional or psychological pressure. It’s firmly connected to a child or early marriage when children are married before arriving at the improper age for marriage.
Online violence, is an authority term used to describe all sorts of illegal or harmful behaviors against women in the online space. They can be linked to experiences of violence in real life, or be limited to the online environment only. They can include illegal threats, irritation or provocation to violence, unwanted, attacking or sexually open emails or messages, sharing of private images or videos without consent, or unsuitable spreads on social networking sites. , and psychological abuse, threats, and economic or educational deprivation. Whether occurring in public or private life.
Work Place Gender Issue: Work environment, gender equity is accomplished when individuals can get to and appreciate similar rewards, resources, and opportunities regardless of gender. Men and women have experienced trouble to communicate issues, successfully since the beginning of time, and it’s not just in the workplace environment.
The analysis found that the genders Correspondence as men and women ordinarily communicate in several manners, making it simple for contradictions and mistaken assumptions to come. The Behavior additionally noted as women are required to be shy. A forceful woman can even now be reckoned as a monster. Yet, a forceful man is viewed as powerful, and somebody who will go far in his preferred career way.
The Common Gender conventional image is built from years as belief, opposite side opinion about effective communication between men and women. They can even make resistance and dissonance, which decreases enterprise confidence and profitability. Women aren’t as familiar with games as men. Self-assured women are embarrassed, Women don’t focus on their work, on account of family commitments. Women don’t function admirably with other women, and so they’re unkind. Women are the initial cause of gossiping in the working atmosphere. Women are mostly over-emotional when compared to men. Female senior-level positions are tremendously spoken are viewed as less well-found than quieter ones.
Male CEO’s and high-ups were quieter seen as less capable than vocal ones. Men are early adopters of innovation. Men request what they require. The study shows that men are eager to request a raise, Men make friends in high places and get more growths, Men to pass on more certainty when they aren’t ready for an errand or something different at work. Men will never admit they are emotional. As such, they couldn’t care less about anybody’s emotions. Men can’t regard appealing female associates as equivalents, since they merely view them as sex objects. Men will never consider women to be their equivalents in the working environment since they don’t need them to be. Men hold the old associates club and have consistently helped each other get promotions and rewards over other ladies’ associates.
Workplace Harassment: Working place Harassment Is Violent, Pained, Discouragement, Or Rather also, Unwanted Behavior Coordinated At Somebody Dependent on Confirmed Characteristics, Including Age, race, color, Religion, Gender, Sexual orientation, Character, Pregnancy, Handicap. It’s Additionally Verbal Or Physical Behavior, Hostile Jokes, Pained Comments, Teasing, Unfriendly Names, Or Insults Hostile Pictures Or kinds of Stuff, Including Explicit Pictures, Harassing, Physical Assaults.
Racial Harassment: A victim may encounter racial harassment due to their race, skin, color, and family line, origin, beliefs apparent qualities of a specific race (wavy hair, accent, customs, beliefs, or outfits) might be the reason. Racial provocation; sex-based harassment is prejudicial behavior towards an individual depending on their gender.
Religious Harassment: is regularly interconnected with racial harassment, however, limits in explicitly on the casualty’s strict beliefs. A person with a religion that contrasts from the “standard” of the organization may confront a working environment badgering or narrow mindedness in an assortment of ways: intolerance toward strict occasions, strict conventions, and customs including cruel strict jokes, remarks, and so on.
Handicap Based Harassment: is a kind of working atmosphere harassing coordinated towards people who either experience the ill effects of an inability themselves, know about an impaired individual. Harmful teasing, pained remarks, refusals to wisely accommodate or isolation.
Sexual Orientation-Based Harassment: is starting to pick up grip and response as a genuine sort of working atmosphere harassment. Victims face the hassle because of their sexual orientation as unique concerning the people around them. People, of any sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc.) May encounter this type of hassle relying upon their profession. For instance, a homosexual man may confront harassing on a construction site while a heterosexual man might be teased for working in a store.
Age-Based Harassment: An individual confronting age-based harassing may be Lacking and insulted, kept separate from exercises or meetings, gatherings, or unjustifiably analyzed just due to their age and the results that accompany it. Shockingly, this harassing is once in a while an endeavor to dishonestly drive the person into early retirement.
Personal Harassment: It is a type of workplace harassment that does not depend on one of the ensured classes, (for example, race, gender, or religion). Just, it’s harassing in its most essential structure and it’s not illicit, yet can be harmed, be that as it may. It incorporates unseemly remarks, Unreceptive jokes, personal degradation, critical remarks, Disregarding practices, and Harassing tactics.
Physical Harassment: it’s regularly called working environment sadism, which alludes to a sort of work environment, the hassle that includes physical assaults or dangers. In extraordinary cases, physical harassment might be delegated surprise attack, as physical harassment ought to be paid attention to very in the working environment as Physical harassment the Basic practices include: Direct dangers of a plan to hurt, Physical assaults (hitting, pushing, kicking)Threatening conduct (shaking, tighten hands angrily), Crushing property to take over.
Power Harassment: is a typical type of working environment, the hassle that is portrayed by a power divergence between the harasser and the harassed. The harasser practices their capacity by disturbing a loss who is lower on the workplace chain of importance. Power provocation isn’t restricted to a specific sort of behavior. It tends to be verbal as load or it very well may be physical as demonstrations of violence. For example, Unreasonable requests that are difficult to meet, pained requests for low-grade representative’s ability, Interference into the worker’s very personal life.
Psychological Harassment: negatively affects an individual’s mental well-being. Victims of mental harassing often feel put down and criticized a personal level, a professional level, or both. The harm to a victim’s mental prosperity often makes a domino impact, affecting their physical well-being, public activity, and work-life. Most normal are Separating or denying the victim’s essence, putting down or unconcerned the victim’s observations, Discouragement, or spreading gossipy bites about the person in question, opposing or challenging everything the victim says.
Cyberbullying and Online Harassment: are genuine worries for superiors. Among many, numerous different things, online dominant jerks may: Offer humiliating things about the victim by mass email or mass talk, Spread lies or gossip about the victim in the web-based social media send hassling texts or instant messages unlawfully to the person in problem.
Retaliation Harassment: is an inconspicuous type of counter and an often disregarded sort of working environment, hassle Retaliation harassment happens when a person harasses another person to seek revenge and to keep the victim from acting in such a manner all over again. We should perceive how it’s happening: Representative A files a complaint about Worker B. Worker B gets some answers concerning the complaint and who made it. Worker B harasses Representative A to seek revenge and discourage them from documenting further complaints. Representative B, for this situation, would disturb Worker A as retaliation.
Sexual Harassment: is just, the provocation that is sexual and by and large includes undesirable lustful gestures, lead, or behavior. Different sorts of harassing may take some time and expanding seriousness to make an aggressive workplace for the person in question, through inappropriate behavior commonly realizes inconvenience and willfully impacts the victims’ life right away. Sharing sexual photographs, erotic entertainment, posting sexual photographs, Sexual remarks, jokes, questions, unseemly sexual contact, immoral sensual gestures, erotically invading personal space.
“A Favor for a Favor” Or “Give and Take” :Lusty behavior: In return for sentimental or exotic services, or different, interests readily or forced in predicament the victim may: Get a bid for employment, get an advancement, and get a raise Get opportunity, or move to demote, and avoid termination. Inappropriate behavior can be either explicit or verified. The harasser may out and out request the trade or may allude to it (“Don’t you want this).
Outsider Harassment: is a sort of work environment hassling that is executed by a “third party” somebody from outside of the organization. Rather than the culprit being a topmost, manager, or associate, the person in demand is a seller, provider, client, or customer of the organization. Victims are regularly young grown-ups in “low-status” or “low-power” jobs as their position in the organization, their lack of experience, and their refusal to make a scene make them ideal victims.
Verbal Harassment: can be the aftereffect of personality clashes in the working atmosphere that have heightened past the easygoing eye roll or something more genuine. In contrast to unfair kinds of hassle, (for example, sexual), verbal abuse attack is often not unlawful. Rather, verbal hassling can be somebody who’s reliably mean or undesirable. Hence, a great deal of verbal harassment can be especially harmful since it goes unnoticed and unresolved. Clear verbal harassing practices incorporate things like discouragement, yelling, annoying, or insulting at a victim in public or in private. Negative Impacts of Horrible attack, to have sentiments of disgrace and blame, loss of interests, and even expanded blood pressure.
Special Children Needs and Issues: A special needs child is a young who has been resolved to require unique consideration and explicit necessities that other children don’t. They need help with their well-being and growth. They’re children who have a disability or a combination of inabilities that makes learning or different activities difficult.
Special-needs children include those who have: Mental Retardation, which makes them grow more slowly than other children. Speech and Language impairment, for example, an issue communicating or getting others. Physical disability, for example, vision issues, cerebral palsy, or different conditions. Learning Inabilities, which alter messages from their senses. Emotional disabilities, for example, withdrawn or other social issues. The study shows it has been perceived by the group who are managing special needs child areas.
Physical – muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, chronic asthma, epilepsy, etc.
Developmental – Down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, processing disorders.
Behavioral/Emotional – ADD, bi-polar, oppositional defiance disorder, etc.
Sensory Impaired – Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf, Limited Hearing
As we programmed environmentally and hereditarily with suggestions likewise with genuine consideration and training, each child can arrive at their maximum capacity. Additionally, with child-rearing discussions the more parents comprehend about how a child develops, the more ready they’ll be to perceive the special needs and look for help speedily. Children with extraordinary needs require additional consideration, education, care, and love.
Each period of improvement brings explicit challenges for children. They will in general work through these as normal a piece of growing up. Mental health conditions can make these challenges harder. They may come up because of trauma in a youngster’s life. These could have been awful mishaps, for example, being bullied. They can likewise be normal, such as moving to another home.
Each child reacts differently to life changes. A few occasions that may affect a child or teenager’s psychological health include The birth of a sibling, The demise of a friend or family member, for example, a relative or a pet, Physical or sexual abuse, poverty and homeless, Disastrous event, Abusive behavior at home, Moving to another place or going to another school, Being distressed, Assuming on more responsibility than is age-fitting, Parental separation or divorce.
Relations between parents and children are crucial to a solid turn of occasions. Yet, they may get stressed by the progressions that accompany adolescence. For instance, adolescents may stress over-sentimental relations. A few young individuals become excessively worried by painful over relations. This may prompt emotional well-being issues or lower personal fulfillment.
Another study reports that a third of teenagers seeing someone will encounter abuse from their partner. Intimacy and dating abuse can expand the danger of psychological wellness issues, self-harm, and suicide.
Women Empowerment: Women’s empowerment is a genuine part of accomplishing gender equality. It incorporates expanding a woman’s feeling of self-esteem, her decision-making power, her access to opportunities and resources, her capacity and command over her own life inside and outside the home, and her capacity to impact change, an opportunity of women from the cruel grasps of social, financial, political, position, and sexual gender-based discrimination.
A woman is a being with senses, imagination, and considerations, she ought to have the option to communicate them flexibly. Individual strengthening intends to have the fearlessness to verbalize and declare the ability to negotiate and decide.
The social empowerment of women in the advancement of gender equality. Gender equality suggests a general public where women and men appreciate similar chances, results, benefits, and responsibilities in all extents of life. Educational Women Empowerment It implies engaging women with the information, skills, and courage important to partake completely in the improvement cycle. It implies making women mindful of their privileges and building up the confidence to assure them.
The gender gap exists concerning admittance to education and work. Family decision making and opportunity of development of women shift extensively with their age, education, and employment status. It is discovered that acknowledgment of gender-based standards by women is as yet appealing in society. The accompanying issues are as of now tended to by the method of the administration and national levels to defeat the victims who suffered, to advance the zones for women’s prosperity.
(Rights and values in the society, for instance, the dowry system, lack of education, inappropriate behavior, and inequity, domestic and different issues. The planned government to cause women to be strong, truly, intellectually, and socially. Since better training can be begun at home from childhood, the upliftment of women needs a strong family to bring an entire development of the country).
Child Abuse: Child abuse is the awareness at which a parent or guardian, regardless of whether through activity or neglecting to act, causes injury, emotional harm, or risk of genuine harm to a child. There are numerous types of child abuse, including neglect, physical and sexual maltreatment, exploitation, and psychological abuse.
Not every impolite parent or custodians purposefully hurt their children. Many have been victims of abuse themselves and don’t have the foggiest idea about any other method to parent. Others might be battling with psychological wellness issues or substance abuse issues.
Abuse and neglect don’t just occur in poor families or terrible neighborhoods. These practices cross all racial, economic, cultural, and social lines. Once in a while, families who appear to have everything from the outside are covering a different story in secret.
While abuse by strangers occurs, most victimizers are relatives or others near the family. Neglect, Child is an inability to give sufficient food, shelter, love, supervision, education, or medical care.
The facts demonstrate that mishandled children are bound to repeat the cycle as grown-ups, unknowingly repeating what they encountered as children. Then again, numerous adult overcomers of child abuse have a strong motivation to secure their children against what they experienced and become superb parents.
A wide range of abuse and neglect leave lasting scars. A portion of these scars may be physical, yet emotional scarring has lasting impacts all through life, harming a child’s feeling of self, their future relationships, and the capacity to work at home, work, and school. Impacts include an Absence of trust and relationship difficulties. Core sentiments of being useless. Inconvenience directing feelings, psychological mistreatment can seriously harm a child’s emotional well-being or social development.
(Steady putting down, shaming, and embarrassing Successive yelling, compromising, or harassing, Calling names and making negative associations with others, Restricting physical contact with a child—no embraces, or different indications of friendship, Presenting a child to brutality against others, regardless of whether it is against the other parent, a sibling, or even a pet)
Drug Addicts: Resolve on a committed choice to overcome chronic drug use, it is willpower, and appropriate guidance to give the motivation to defeat the issue. Certain drugs can make changes in the mind, making incredible desires and an impulse utilize that causes reality to appear to be an impossible goal. Yet, recovery is never far off, regardless of how miserable one circumstance appears or how frequently one attempted and flopped previously. With the correct treatment/counseling and support, change is believable.
The Addiction habits cause might be the stress, addicted individuals circle, nothing to do or spare time, have pondered self, low mental self-image, searching for help, and lack of love. Addictive habits different from individual to individual, in certain people, the beginning of medication use can be from untreated mental issues as standard anxiety and discouragement. The pleasure from utilizing drugs can give one temporary comfort from pain, which can prevent from much emotional well-being or different issues, including the accompanying: Grievance or abuse, Psychological maladjustment, Low confidence, poverty, Relationship issues, Loss of a friend or family member, Stress, Persistent suffering or ailments.
As the individual quit the drugs at first the brain despite everything needs the best opportunity to recover and rebuild associations that changed while one was addicted. During this change, medicate desires can be serious. Step away from your group who use drugs to engage in a distracting action. Peruse, see friends, and go out to see a movie, and submerge yourself in another healthy interest, hike, or exercise. Talk with friends, relatives, or health professionals about desiring when it happens. Numerous individuals tend to recall just the beneficial outcomes of the drug and manage the negative consequences.
To avoid the relapse while explicit reasons for relapse differ from individual to individual, some normal triggers include Negative emotional state, for example, stress, unhappiness, anger, or injury, Physical inconvenience, (for example, pain or withdrawal symptoms, Social pressure being in a circumstance where it appears every other person is using. As relapse happens, ask oneself, what turned out badly, and what I could have done another way. One can decide to get back on the way to recovery and apply the experience to strengthen the commitment.
Dar-ul-Aman: Women victims of violence including abusive behavior at home, physical, mental maltreatment, assault cases, Vanni and sawara cases, forced marriage, emotional and everyday economic abuse, and so on are admitted to these shelter homes, with the progression of time, mindfulness for the privileges of the women expanded and they become more educated about their privileges.
The primary issue to make them in this condition abusive behavior at home, violence against women by intimate partners is regularly the reason for homelessness, negative recognitions hurt mentalities toward the poor, as a result of the conditions they are violent and risky and inclined to habit, carry issues to light, challenge and speak a stand against violence in the home, the threats of hurtful traditions, tackle brutality against young women in practicalities and remote spots, change mentalities towards critical practices at numerous levels, tune in to young women’s encounters of wildness and their answers, helps to cause young women’s to more aware and secure, to draw in regarded network older people in the battle against brutality, prepare youth to battle unsafe practices, for example, a child with adapt expanded danger of beating, abuse, and unsafe practices, for example, child marriage, and to cope with the risk of rape. Amazingly handles a scope of social issues including harassment, teenage pregnancy, and aggressive behavior at home.
A large part of them the victims are physically healthy and they need to uphold genuinely and needed to program them for flourishing and skills so they can turn out to be better citizens and improve self monetarily to beat the previous memories to a superior future.
Relationship Issues, Including Marriage, Divorce, and Others: In my consultation, the few issues tended to an under relationship as it changes to individual a couple normally observed and utilized counseling to heal them is Each relationship encounters issues and pressure at some point, from arguments to problems with sex or stresses over money. Not trusting that partners mean what they state and will finish. Fearing duty and continually making a leave strategy. Managing rejection issues. Seeking out companions with similar issues that split up their parents’ marriage. Struggling to discuss emotions. Clutching the possibility that love must be difficult. Going ahead excessively hard. Not understanding what patterns are normal in a relationship. Pushing individuals away.
arguments, communication, disloyalty, wounds, appreciation, finances, fatigue, boredom, children, sharing nothing almost speaking, a controlling and requesting personality, diverse ways of managing money, issues from an earlier time, trust issues, a failure to impart, disrespect and deceitfulness, cheating, financial doubts, inadequate arguments.
Spend more time apart than together. Socialize, leaving no time for your individual growth. Physical love is lost, without a drop, a lack of sexual chemistry, don’t feel great about their sexual preferences. Continually fight over the same dislike of their parents (or the other way around). Feel insecure about the future together.
Struggle to identify with your partner’s issues. One of them feels misunderstood. Feel they don’t give enough attention. Do not endure their indecencies. Feel as parting with something over the uppermost (and getting back nearly less). Sex is missing in action. Try not to like their friends (or they don’t dig you). Feel unhappy about living together.
Most of the issues likewise concerning parents and children’s to pick the profession, most parents need to adopt which is secure and safe financially just as presumed as in this space-age the children’s need their passion to grow their future as now mindfulness at a better level through inspirational talks and another morale up stuff.
Sports Enhancement Sessions: Designed to make changes at a deeper level of mind in paradigms, to achieve a winners mindset while replacing the limiting beliefs to gain more self-confidence, self-discipline, strong sense of motivation, inner desire to succeed, ability to manage stress under pressure, willingness to take criticism and natural leader, a strong sense of focus and trust in the process also make smart decisions. By the higher faculties’ perception, memory, imagination, reason, intuition, and the will.
Patient’s Session Design for Hospitalization and Other Issues:
To build the rapport between the physician and the patient enables powerful mechanisms which include reassurance and re-education to be accepted at a profound emotional level, that’s essential for powerful change.
To make confidence and release wrong images and beliefs of medical/dental treatment worry from the patient. Pre and post-surgery, research shows that patients who received hypnosis/meditation before and after surgery to achieve much better outcomes with fewer anesthetic agents and fewer post-surgery pain medications. This should not come as a surprise because our mind has a great influence on our bodies.
Pain Management: Pain is an unpleasant sensory and the emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage. We can assist you in obtaining relief from the “sensory” component” of your persistent pain, as well as from the “emotional overlay”.
Psychosocial Effects on Female Reproductive Health. Females have some exclusive health implications. The sociocultural environment at times greatly affects female-reproductive health. a female’s cultural background and personal dispositions affect the way she deals with these health issues.
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), menstrual disorders (heavy flow, absence, irregular, painful menstruation), menopausal syndrome, hormone imbalance, etc.
Oncology: cancer has a powerful emotional impact on patients and their families throughout the continuum of diagnosis, treatment, survival, and palliative care. Psychosocial care is integral to quality cancer care. We assist you to acquire, how to prevent worry, pain, and emotional discomfort by using a framework-specific to one needs. Within just a few sessions, it’s possible to see immense and qualitative improvement.
Enhanced Immune System, Relief from PAIN, Faster Recovery Time, Improved Circulation & Joint Flexibility, Greater Energy & Enhanced Sleep Quality, Decreased Stress & Lessened Anxiety, Reduced Fatigue, Improved Concentration, Positive Approach towards Life or Positive Mindset.
Academic Performance and Achievement: Get more organized and productive, eliminate distractions, be motivated towards studies, learn faster, remember/retain what you read/learn, recall relevant material during the exam, take tests confidently, finish what you start, increase academic performance.
Children’s Common Issues: Help your children overcome bed-wetting, nightmares, learning difficulties, and more.
Business Success Coaching Helps You To Make A Change In One Life:
One can get the benefits from all levels to prepare you professionally stable and improve your skills to compete in a fast-developing world with confidence and serenity.
Self-motivation is remarkably vital to building a powerful visual sense to dream business alike success, empowering others, honoring the values, and grasps challenges.
Learn the most effective method to make a mission statement of purpose for your part in the business and overhaul, according to market stream with a short and long survey.
Discover how to get a unique differentiating proposition at which bring you a unique that differentiates you from other competitors.
To improve the art of listening to verbal communication and non-verbal communication and create the skill of listening to greatness in others. Guidelines to be effective and alluring in your business with partners, customers
Find out how to establish a request with your clients and release the fear of rejection and then how positive request drive in action and what’s more, screen the craftsmanship making more requests, and keep concentrate dependably on forwarding activity to produce a common result.
Consider how to build up a leadership exercising in your profession as an awesome leaders do awesome business. What’s more, get the methods to prepare yourself as a SMART specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented.
How your business culture impacts shared values and practices of the organization and however to make a great arrangement to hold the positive culture and change the negative perspective. Likewise, understand what sort of culture that sets the tone for the partnership to shape up their interests.
Bring the art to understand the commitment vs convenience and how to exercise commitment to yourself and others. What are the principles of action and the power of daily action commitments and create awareness of the truth about the problem?
Become skilled at Building trust in your clients, measuring your progress, relating to others, develop rapport and enhance your client’s magnetism quotient. Determine the benefits of team building and communication how value for your organization
Get the craft of conveying deliberately and adequately and how to kill gossip in your customer business, also, damaging behavior, discover how to reward people and they intend to continue them for which you repaid them
A study in the skill to prepare your thoughts and emotions step by step and including energy drop by drop for a better result as your association ought to be learning and developing the place.
How Philosophical Counseling Helps You In Your Lifetime: The word metaphysics means to go beyond the physical to the mental cause behind it as we live in a spiritual universe, that we are energy beings and that our world is mentally caused our thinking materialize as our experience day by day and everything enters in our life is the expression of some belief in our mind, especially our thoughts, are a form of energy that is radiated out in the universe bringing back to us its exact likeness. Based on the feeling that negative mental patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in physical illness or disease.
That the reversing of those negative mental patterns into positive patterns can, in turn, lead to healing. As healing takes this principle to a very original level, in very specific ways.
According to those who trust in it, certain common negative thinking and the unresolved emotional issues create a physical force on special regions of the body moreover According to this belief, the most compromising emotions to health are longstanding guilt, resentment, and anger, and more.
A wondrous way of living each day of your life – a way of life that will allow many of your dreams to become realities, in a way of living that can result in more love, income, success, fulfillment, creativity, and awareness.
For all I know, I know nothing if I cannot demonstrate a better life.
As the Ultimate Mind or spiritual Power within you take hold of your life, you will very likely experience numerous positive changes. These will not necessarily happen all at once, but you should begin to detect the following signposts.
You notice an improvement in relations with co-workers, friends, and family.
You observe an increase in personality magnetism. People seem more drawn to you.
You observe more optimism about yourself and your life.
You have a more positive attitude in reaction to daily events.
You have an intuitive feeling that you are more in control of conditions rather than having conditions control you.
Your thinking is more flexible and adaptable to daily circumstances.
You have an increased sense that your mind and thoughts are more creative. As you conduct your daily business, you discover ways of doing things and on-the-spot inspirations that move your life forward.
You begin to sense and finally realize that a Higher Intelligence is guiding your thoughts, and thus, your life.
More opportunities, both personal and financial, become available to you as a result of the spiritual influence of the Higher Mind of your conscious mind.
Increasingly, you become intuitively aware of the real motivations of others.
You find yourself being accepted more by others.
Common Workplace Paranoid Belief: Our established beliefs of behavior make things better or worse atmosphere in the workplace and drain the juices of productivity by a lack of rapport and a negative attitude, the results stay the same. It is challenging for some to succeed in teamwork on a common vision towards the attainment of the organizational strategy.
Research Shows The Most Annoying And Habitual Patterns: That about shows up at work alike: must win at all costs, can’t acknowledge any authority, always occupied with negative gossiping, too scared to take any action a big-time procrastinator, makes emotional scenes mix their married, financial and healthy life with their corporate life avoids work and commitment, won’t confront problems directly, yelling at their colleagues and clients. Not celebrating the good work of others rather try to pull them down by speaking critically, show disrespect to other’s views, not assume the liability of committing mistakes, poor communication and unclear prospects, lack of commitment, motivation, and job satisfaction.
Practitioner Qualification
Foundations in Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, U.S.
Hypnotherapy Course, American School of Hypnosis, U.S.
Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, American Alliance of Hypnotist, U.S.
Certified NLP Practitioner, The American Union of NLP, U.S.
Certified NLP Master Practitioner, American Union of NLP, U.S.
Certification Course in Finding and Keeping True Happiness, Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences, U.S.
Certified Business Success Coach, American Union of NLP, U.S.
Certified Master Business Success Coach, American Union of NLP, U.S.
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification, American Union of NLP, U.S.
Metaphysical Practitioner, University of Metaphysics LA, U.S.

Zulfiqar A. Chaudhary
MBA, Cah, Cnlpmp, Cmbsc, B.Msc
Certified NLP, Metaphysical Practitioner, Business Success Coach and

Affiliation / Membership
Pakistan Alternative Medical Association. Pakistan.
International Metaphysical Ministry, U.S.
American Alliance of Hypnotist, U.S.
The American Union of NLP, U.S.
American International Association of Hypnosis, U.S.
NOC Punjab Health Care Commission Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

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